Racial Profiling Speech

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Racial profiling Trayvon was racially profiled by George Zimmerman just because of his skin color and the type of clothes he was wearing that night during the confrontation that cost him his life. Racial profiling is a structure of judgment in which law officers uses a person’s race, ethnicity or social upbringing as the main reason to say that the person has done something immoral. Racial profiling does not only affect black people. Let me begin by explaining to you about racial profiling how we are a nation of laws, sometimes they work for some, and not very well for others. When we prayed, cried, and pleaded, oftentimes the only thing we have left to do is to march for justice and equality in supposedly called the Land of our Ancestors…show more content…
Sometimes we are being pulled over by police officers not because we ran a red light, have broken taillights, speeding, or have narcotics on our vehicles; it is due to the fact that they can use their power over us. And all of us, regardless of economic status, or race, should scream to heaven when the police do not do their jobs equally for all citizens. Driving while black (dwb). Black drivers in America are more expected to: be stopped by the police; inquired to have their car examined; Have everybody in the car checked to tell if they are sought by the police. Some call it “driving while black or brown” because it affects Latinos also. (Racial…show more content…
Thus a "drug carrier profile" with unmistakable racial implications took hold in law enforcement.We in America have the right to prevent Racial Profiling. Race played a major role in law enforcement by spreading negative racial groups that are dangerous to our democracy, and greatly harm our struggles to uphold a reasonable and unbiased society. Use of race or ethnicity is permitted only when the federal officer is pursuing a specific lead concerning the identifying characteristics of persons involved in an identified criminal activity (naacp.org) Conclusion: We only want equal justice and fair and impartial to be applied across the board. Justice was delayed because of who Trayvon Martin was: A black kid who, as far as the justice system was concerned, was of lesser value. Racial profiling does not only affect black people. However, the fact that we cannot truly predict the outcome of a person does not mean that our people are lacking either one racial chain of command, or racial changes. We live in a world marked not simply by racial difference, but by racial

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