Los Angeles County and Racial Discrimination

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Los Angeles County and Racial Discrimination Does one single race commit more crime than any other? The idea seems true because the Los Angeles County Police Department uses race as a factor in detecting crime. Although classifying individuals by their skin tone seems wrong, in some cases the reasons are justified. For example, the country had to racially profile all people of Middle-Eastern descent to be a terrorist after September eleven. This classification makes sense because if crime is caused by terrorists; terrorist will cause crimes. If the majority of minorities are in prisons, then people of color will end up in prison. On the opposing side of racial profiling, many minorities feel that it is a form of racial discrimination that only hurts the good image law enforcement upholds. For example, the California Highway Patrol has recently been taken to court for the misuse of racial profiling. Therefore, a compromise must be made because it would be ideological to believe that there can be a government that bans the use of racial identification. Lastly, one must remember that all men are created equal legally and politically. In the field of law enforcement, police officers use certain techniques to describe individuals they pull over or arrest. One of the most controversial means of identifying people is racial profiling. This is “the practice by law enforcement of considering race as an indicator of the likelihood of criminal behavior” (Robinson 530). The issue of using race to identify people is disputable because minorities feel that it is an act of inequality and also humiliating. However, the Supreme Court supports its legality as long as ethnicity is seen as an important factor that determines the detainment of an individual. Therefore, there are many pros and cons about the legality of this law enforcement technique. During times of war, racial
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