Pros And Cons Of Scholarships For African Americans

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Colleges all around the USA are giving scholarships to African Americans for being black. If you search it on google you can find hundreds of different scholarships that you can get for being black. Is it wrong to give scholarships to a person solely based on their race or skin color? The definition of racism by Webster dictionary is “The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” In answer to that question it is wrong to give scholarships to a person for being black because of three main reasons. It’s really bad to treat African American’s like they are worse than whites but that doesn’t mean that we should treat them like they are better, these scholarships might lead our country to become more and more racist, and some African American’s might even find these scholarships racist. Slavery was and is a horrible thing and it tears people apart thinking that our country played a big part in it but that isn’t a good enough reason to give African American’s scholarships for being black. Our country needs to try and treat everyone equally, no matter their race or color. Katherine Johnson wrote a…show more content…
This could cause them to feel like they are being told that they need extra help because of the color of their skin or what race they are. Even Mrs. Johnson finds that it is wrong and offensive to give scholarships purely based on race and she is African American. “A university should feel confident that when they award a scholarship, they get their money’s worth. The best way to decide this is by awarding students who have demonstrated their abilities inside and outside the classroom and their commitment to education. By taking out a factor such as race in determining scholarships, they’d be more fairly awarded.”

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