Racism in Sports Essay

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Paul M. Anderson, Racism in Sports: A Question of Ethics, 6 Marq. Sports. L. Rev. 357 (1996) Vol. 6: 357-408 In this article, it talks about the definition of what “Racism” is and explains how the media covers up racism to the audience. In sports, you see a lot of different kinds of people from different races in one community. When fans come to see the athletes play, it doesn’t matter what color skin you have, what matters is their ability to play. That is why sports “are often used as a paradigm of how an integrated society should look” (357). He only talked about African Americans because other ethnicity didn’t get into the sport scenes until later on. Paul explains that African Americans are usually the ones that are being picked on. People (the society) would use stereotypically comments towards them. One stereotypic comment that Paul said was that, “[African Americans would] isolate from the rest of the campus and the reality [is] that they are in school to play sports, not to get a degree” (357). According to the article, that comment is true because he later explains how even though most of the African Americans become superior athletes; they struggle in the academic side. Paul continues by saying that” colleges usually show more interest in a black student-athlete than any black students because they can see the possible improvement in their athletic program” (369). I think this article will be useful for me in my own writing because it fully explains how racism is a problem in school (college sports) and professional

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