African-American Racism Essay

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African "American" Reparations For many decades racism has been clearly one of the biggest issues in American History. Still to this day, racism exists in every state and continues to be a social problem. Many advocates have died fighting for justice and equality. Three advocates who have been clearly the most influential include Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Randall Robinson. Although each of them had their own perspectives, their main objective was the same. Reparations in this society can be defined by stating that the U.S. government needs to make a formal apology to blacks for the damage caused by the transatlantic slave trade due to social and economic consequences in the United States. Advocates also feel the U.S. government owes the black people. Blacks remain behind due to many things, the most important being slavery. The Constitution, until recently, did not apply to blacks; blacks feel they deserve payments from 310 years of slavery, destruction to their minds and culture. Dr. Martin Luther King's dilemma in the United States was of a different kind. He was torn between his identity as a Black man of African descent and his identity as an American. He urged Americans to judge based on the content of the character not by skin color and also believed in non-violent protests. Martin Luther King Jr’s main perspective during the fight on racism was equality. At the time in which he fought the crisis of racial inequality a main concern was to address that "white America must assume the guilt for the black man's inferior status" (King, 9) as stated in the reading Racism and the White Backlash. Also Dr. Martin Luther King from my understanding believes reparation in this nation at that time was not the top priority. He could not stress enough about how essential racial equality was for the nation to become solve mainstream crisis during the peak of
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