Jefferson's Ideology On Republic

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Thomas Jefferson’s ideology of a thriving Republic was that in order for the country to be successful and complete, all the Americans had to share the same values and beliefs. Thomas Jefferson felt that the Blacks and Indians were problematic in the success of a Republic because of their different culture, values, and beliefs. This is what I found to be the main purpose of the secondary source of Hollitz book, “Within the Bowels of the Republic” by Takaki. How can a Republic thrive if there are different races and cultures mixed within a nation without a sense of accepting the American customs and believe? This is the issue that mostly bothered Jefferson, since he wanted the creation of a perfect society. The most important information derived from this secondary source was the ideologies that Jefferson had towards the Slaves and Native Americans. Jefferson believed these minorities were intellectually inferior and basically considered them a parasite and a libidinal race. To support my statement, I took this quote from the secondary source, “It must not allow its people to be “stained” and become a nation of mulattoes.” I found it very ironic at how Jefferson contradicts himself in several occasions, especially on this last quote because he himself had had children with his slave. Jefferson believes that slavery should be abolished because not only did it deprive the Black’s right to liberty, it also undermined the self control white men had to self republic. However, Jefferson felt that if the blacks were to be excluded from the nation and immediately removed from the Country if they were to be freed. The reason Jefferson wanted Blacks to get exported from the country was because he feared that they would retaliate with hatred from all the suffering they have endured from the power and merciless force of the white men. Jefferson not only feared the blacks, he also
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