Racial Profiling of African American Males

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Racial Profiling of African American Males Race is a person’s physical characteristics, for example their eye, hair or skin color. When people hear the word race most of the time their mind thinks of a person’s skin color such as a white or Hispanic person. A common trend in American culture for many years has been racial profiling. Racial profiling is defined as “the practice of substituting skin color for grounds of suspicion,” ("Google Dictionary", 2012). Many law enforcement agents accept race and gender an acceptable source for suspicion. Many African American men are often singled out by law enforcement without having probable cause. Unfortunately, many people, not just law enforcement agents suspect African American males of being suspicious without having any reason to. Many believe that racial profiling is an effective way of identifying criminal activity. While others believe it is wrong and discriminatory. Racial profiling of a certain race and gender such as African American males, have an effect on society, and how society reacts to certain events. There have been events in American history that have led to riots or protests, which I believe is society’s way of fighting back. Racial profiling has been a long standing implemented tool used by law enforcement. However, it is important for law enforcement to follow guidelines and regulations such as civil rights. This would include not singling out a person due to their race and gender without having reasonable suspicion. Yet, some studies state that “when race is combined with other key identifying characteristics of criminal involvement, profiling is a sensible and useful technique in which police employ the laws of probability to make the best use of their scarce resources in attacking crime” ("Writing For Students", 2010). Criminologists and sociologists agree that men are much more likely to commit

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