Racial Micro-Agressions Essay

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Racial Micro-aggressions against Minorities Jose P. Polanco Carlos Albizu University PSYM 523-A Racial Micro-aggressions against Minorities The term micro-aggressions are consider a brief everyday exchanges that send demeaning messages to certain individuals because of their group memberships. The nature of racism has evolve over time from the old fashioned overt expressions of White supremacy and racial hatred to the more subtle, ambiguous, and unintentional expressions called aversive racism. Because most White people associate racism with hate crimes and White supremacist groups, they are unaware how racism has taken on an invisible nature to the extent that they have lost the perception of unintentional racism towards people of color. White Americans believe that discrimination is on the decline, that racism is not a significant issue that has an impact in their behavior and performance. In contrast, Black Americans perceive that racism is a constant reality in their lives, White individuals continue to respond toward them. Micro-assaults are probably most similar that what has been called “old fashion racism because of their expression is deliberate, conscious, and explicit as seen in many countries around the globe. Racial micro-aggressions are use today towards blacks and Hispanics world-wide. Micro-aggressions reflect an unconscious worldview of White supremacy that directly assails the racial reality of non-White people. Racial micro-aggressions have an accumulative and harmful impact on people of color invalidating them as racial/cultural beings, undermining their spiritual and mental capacity, imposing a false reality on them. World views of racism seem to be very similar across cultures; although, governments are implementing programs in schools to educate the young generations, still not enough. The historical background of

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