Appiah's Essay On Racism Today

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Olivia Brice English 101 Ms. Hesse Racism Today People believe that racism is defined as the belief that there are characteristically and biologically different traits in the ‘human racial groups’ that justify discrimination. In Appiah’s essay he expresses how race is not a biologically different thing, but is instead a social concept or idea. Racism is what people call this social idea about race, and how it makes people differ from one another. At one point in history racism was very distinct and easy to spot, but by looking at an article from recent years we can see that racism still exists but is hidden and overlooked and that people are not considered to be racist, although they are. So what does it mean to be racist today? In Appiah’s essay he conveyed his opinion that race is not a real thing, using both philosophical and biologically based science. (EXPLAIN< FIND DIRECT QUOTE). Many people have proven, or tried to prove that race is not real, and that the only race that exists is the human race. But many people still see it as a real…show more content…
Even if after the initial judgment takes place and their base opinion is changed, because this person is ‘different from the norm’ the initial judgment did occur, and that person did assume personality qualities to that person for know reason other than race, and personal beliefs that people have about that specific ‘kind of person.’ I have met people of all different races who judge others by their skin color or by their culture unintentionally. Racism is everywhere and it is a hidden evil that people choose to ignore for the time being. Most people in today’s society are at least slightly racist, probably on accident. Which is awful, because the concept of race is something that the human mind created, and not something that has any truth to it, because there is only one race, the human

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