Research Paper On Racism In America

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Phase 1 IP Diversity in American Life What is racism? It is when individuals treat people differently, negatively or positively, because of the color of their skin color. As sad as it is, it exists in our world today. There are many different levels of racism. We have the ignorance of the Klu Klux Klan, the fear of Hitler and the Jews and the whites against the Native Americans. Racism boils down to how educated individuals are. The more educated one is, you learn that each race has bad and good in them. It seems that racism is huge among individuals who are down on their luck and are looking for someone to blame for their problems. Honestly, racism is ignorance. How did racism in America begin? It all began with the Middle passage, when slave ships brought African Americans from Africa to America. Theses African Americans where thought of as being only good for labor, beatings and bondage. The sole purpose for these individuals was for labor and to work in cotton fields and servants for the white man. This was done to build America up to the standards of the Caucasian Americans. These slaves were treated poorly. They did what their masters ordered, they ate left overs from the dinner table, their clothes did not fit properly and were ripped and torn . They did not…show more content…
Everything from education, unemployment rate gap, out of wed lock birth rates, bigotry, cultural bias, education opportunities, involvement of churches in the community, and the diversity of immigrants to the United States. Because of racism it has terrorized our nation and what our country stands for which is liberty and justice for all. Caucasians continue today to discriminate against minorities. However, the racism problem has gotten better over the years. We have come a long way, especially with the election of our African American President Obama. This is a sign that racism is slowly but surely

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