Ethics Invisibility Of Race

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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Title: Date of Submission: Philosophy on Race The idea of race within the society continues to raise unanswered question regarding their roles in uniting the society. This is in regards to the divergence of the existence of problems within the community. In fact, racism is often invisible to most people because of various reasons. This essay will give a personal opinion concerning the connection between race and ethics, and the views of other philosophers on the same matter. As mentioned earlier, race is a problem that exists within societies. However, the invisibility of race within individuals happens because of various reasons. Among them is that most do not suffer from race…show more content…
Formally, racial categories appeared to be biological which contrast with the view of the current generation that impact the social status of the society. The ethical race connections that exist among people appear to be mutually exclusive. However, the situation may be overlapping without notice. This brings in the idea of invisibility of race within the community. People tend to assume the existence of race as an inferior fact yet it exists as a major problem within the community. As evident from the history of many nations, the ethics of race continues to increase coldly as generation passes. This, supremely, interferes with the development of various projects (Appiah and Gutmann…show more content…
One method they use is an affirmative action policy. Implementing such policy in a state will help reduce the problem in a wide view; however, within the society, people will always suffer racism in small matters. This means people will be declined social issues at the community level, despite the implementation of the policy at the national level. Likewise, many people support the use of ethics in controlling racism and yet they do not consider the practice at the community level. Racism starts at the ground level, limiting people from benefiting from the social benefits. This explains the weakness of ethics in controlling racism. Most nations continue to fight the idea of racism using various strategies; however, they fail to consider the origin of racism. Using ethics to control racism only exposes the community to some regulations, which hinder progress, as racism is grounded to biological origin. Likewise, the twist of a biological connection to social connection diversifies racism significantly. This exposes people to discriminate others with various grounds (Appiah and Gutmann

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