Social Class In America Essay

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Name John M. Comeau 06/12/12 ENGL 111 - 04B Social Class in America In today’s society, discussing class and where you stand within the class structure is considered a taboo subject. Most Americans prefer not to use words that classify themselves as the working class, upper class, or the ruling class. Unlike other countries, we shrink away from such terms because it is easier to believe that all Americans are equal and fall into the ‘working class’ category. I find that this belief gives a false representation of today’s economic situation and leaves most of the population living in denial. It gives a false sense of comfort to those who may struggle thus causing issues in everyday life. People need to accept the fact that class is a major…show more content…
People do not like to admit to their failures because they think of it as a sign of weakness. Admitting that you have made a mistake is not a sign of weakness, but an indicator that you have the ability to accept your flaws and take a step in the right direction in order to change the outcome. Many people will blame their failures and misfortune on the life they have been dealt. They will blame society, their race, their lifestyle, or other people. By doing so, the only thing they are accomplishing is pointing the finger. It will not help their current situation nor will it help them move forward in life. There is only one person you can blame for one’s mistake and that is yourself. That does not mean you don’t have the ability to be successful, because we all have that ability. People would have a better understanding of success and how to accomplish such goals if they put down the finger and looked at themselves for their own mistakes. The road to success is not an easy journey; you will come across many bumps in the road. Do not take those bumps as a sign to give up! You may have been placed in a lower class in society, but that does not mean you can’t overcome your class

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