Racial Segregation In America

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Ferguson & Baltimore, Segregation to Separation: Prophecy Coming To Pass It is unfortunate that, the violent racial riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, that occurred after the death of clearly innocent Black youth, has diverted the public debate to ‘need for better policing’. The casualty has been obfuscation more fundamental issues like; century-old public policy of systematic social segregation, increasing economic inequality, and wholesale abdication by the state of social welfare obligations Century-Old Systematic Segregation According to The University of Chicago’s sociologist, Douglas S. Massey, “Housing segregation is both a consequence and a cause of Black poverty. Housing markets distribute not only a place to live, but they…show more content…
Distressed by this unprecedented upsurge of mass fury, which needed federal troops at some places to establish peace, the then President, Lyndon Johnson, set up an enquiry commission formally known as the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, which later on became more popular as the Kerner Commission, after its chairman, Otto J. Kerner Jr. While ruling out any conspiracy, the commission identified racial discrimination, poverty, high unemployment, poor & inadequate schools, poor health care and sanitation as major contributing factors to the United States’ racial apartheid. The early & selective leakage of this report incited ferocious criticism from the White community. Critics argued, that the report has blamed everyone except the rioters. The opposition was so strong and intense that, Johnson not only declined the request by commission members, but also took additional six months to disseminate its findings to the public at large and put the issue in right perspective, but he himself failed to act upon it. The most often quoted statement from the report, the prophetic value of which is only being realized in recent times is: “The United States is moving toward two societies, one Black, and one White—separate and…show more content…
As sociologist Douglas S. Massey has said, “segregation is a key cause of poverty because where one lives determines much about the life chances one faces." And this in the United States is "Created by White prejudice, Actualized by discriminatory behavior and Condoned, if not supported, by government." Today both, in the US and in Europe as well, overt racism is replaced by “politically correct behavior” and the reality of social relations has been rarified. This has made the evil of racism omnipresent, omnipotent but still invisible. It is to the credit of White societies, that, this art is not only universalized but its social reproduction is also ensured. All the same, it is true that today, world over, the public is way ahead of its political establishment. Hence, it is not Obama, who will bring the social change, but the more purposive and peaceful Fergusons and Baltimores that will. Because some day, as someone has said, “Americans have to realize that they may not have arrived in the same boat, but now everyone is in the same

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