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Trebreh Baaheth On Racist Speech Summary On Racist Speech, written by Law Professor of Georgetown University, Charles R. Lawrence III, talks about the problem of the First Amendment and its issue about freedom of speech and how it is being abused through racial prejudice speech. He acknowledges Georgetown’s leaders to take action and create a policy that protects the rights of the people who are antagonized by racial comments without ejecting the right of the First Amendments freedom of speech. Lawrence also points out the things that the first amendment was founded upon, mainly equality. He explains that we have gone after protected and unprotected speech with little results. Charles Lawrence uses the case, Brown v. the Board of Education, as an example. Although he argues similar to Brown’s case, the prejudice and racial ways in many schools caused unfair conditions to the victim’s of racial comments. He also argues that racist speech can hinder many people so much that it can make them very uncomfortable in their educational environment. Lawrence goes on to talk about racist speech in the form of face-to-face insults which falls right under fighting words, excepted by the First Amendment Protection. He explains that whenever someone decides that racial comments has to be accepted, we are asking people to accept the hurt of racial comments for everyone else. Lawrence closes out his argument by stating that arguments about the First Amendment and racist speech, without having a better and full understanding of what it truly means and the harm of what it does, makes the First Amendment a weapon of mass destruction rather than a “vehicle of

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