Criminal Offenses Scenarios

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Scenario One: Can Ken be convicted of a homicide offense? Explain and justify your answer. Ken can be convicted for a couple different homicide charges in this case and in this paragraph. One of the homicide offenses they can be charged with is reckless homicide code 0142 this would be the charge if Ken had accidentally disclosed the information. Another charge that Ken can be tagged with is first degree homicide code 0110 if it is found that Ken willfully and premeditated doing it. Those are just some of the homicide offenses ken can get charged with. If Barbie does not die, what are the possible charges? Explain. If Barbie does not die Ken can still be hit with a charge for disclosing the fact that he had aids. Ken would probably get hit with intentional transmission which is when you fail to inform your partner that you don't have aids. Theres is also a possibility that Ken wont get charged because the laws are still very blurry when it comes to the transmission of aids. What is Homicide? Homicide is murder but not all homicides are illegal some are considered justified homicide an example of justified homicide is when its done as an act of self defense. Homicide is a heinous crime that is very serious and will result in going to jail for a long time.This is what homicide is. Scenario Two: What is the most serious offense Lori can be convicted of? Explain. Lori committed a controversial crime that many people believe was the right call to make but a crime is a crime you can’t break the law just because you don't like it and in this paragraph i will explain to you what law Lori will most likely be charged for. Lori can be charged with murder in the first degree because she premeditated the murder she took the gun with her to the hospital to visit Vincent. In the event that she doesn't get charged with first degree murder she would be charged with a

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