Victimless Crime Essay

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Victimless crime is a person committing a crime without any knowing victims. Some people believe the laws against these crimes shouldn’t exist, but some people believe that there is no such thing as a victimless crime. Things like prostitution and gambling are deemed victimless crimes. How do you know how these crimes should be handled? People get caught committing crimes every day. Some people will be arrested on the spot and some will get let go with a warning. How do you know which crimes are more serious? Today if you killed someone you would go to jail for a long time but someone who is selling their body for money only gets a fine. The reason for these differences is the way people feel on the matter. Some believe prostitution should be punished by jail time, the reason that it is not is because no one was directly harmed by this act. In my opinion, there are crimes without knowing victims, but they are still crimes and should be punished. Many people say that victimless crimes shouldn’t be as harshly punished because of the lack of hurt people. Some reasons for this are people are concerned with the amount of people in prison now. Fifty percent of people in prison are in for drugs and thirty-five percent are in for public-order. Another victimless crime is immigration, people coming into the country without proper identities. America needs immigrants to help keep the economy flowing, but many try to come without going through the correct process creating more problems than solutions. I understand what’s trying to be done with the definitions of victimless crimes but I think every crime should have a determined punishment. Some people like to blame the government for all of their problems. I disagree with blaming them, but I do think it is their job to make fair laws and help to make people follow them. In the matter of the government and victimless
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