Antonio Vergara The Crusades

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Antonio Vergara The Crusades 4/9/12 The Holy Crusade was an intricate part of the building and reforming of the Catholic Church. The Crusades happen due to the constant conflict between the Christians and the Muslims that were in Jerusalem. The City of Jerusalem was very significant and a vital asset for the faith of the Christians. It was in the City of Jerusalem where the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was greatly honored for it was the hill where Jesus was crucified. The Turks had eventually taken the Jerusalem and killed up to three thousand Christians, which started the spark that created 9 crusades. The prime goal for the Crusades was to flush out and free the holy land Jerusalem from the Saracens. There were many Crusades…show more content…
In the midst of the Crusades it was hard to find good in anything for it was a long, exasperating event that took over their lives, and change their way of life everyday completely. Saladin was an honorable man and respected by the leaders of the Christian crusades. I read that when he was sieging Kerak for days, he stopped firing at the quarter side where Humphrey of Toron and Isabella of Jerusalem were getting married. Then continued it was a bloody battle and it took longer as well as more men then he thought it would take in overthrowing…show more content…
In some parts of the world people from different backgrounds are in genocide. For the way they look, act, and what they wear. Punished or tortured for the name they brand or they cross they carry, or even the book they carry. We have laws to abide by, but fanatic individuals brainwashed by evil create acts of violence that prove that the war is still here and more than real. Just because we are not in the same continent or country as them, they are still are brothers and the hate mongering and hatred acts towards them are a feeling of unhappiness scene al around the world. We are lucky to be able to worship are god they way we want to without any compromise. We owe most of this to the Crusades and the will power they showed that we are free to love and believe or worship any god we

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