Differences Between Smartphone And Android

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The two controlling companies in the smartphone industry are Apple, with its iOS phones, and Android. According to The Verge, 99.6% of every person on the planet with a smartphone has either of the two operating systems. People use smartphones almost every day, for tasks like texting, e-mail, social media, games, work...the list goes on; but with so many iPhones and Android phones out there, it’s hard to decide exactly which phone is the one. Fear not, however, because there is an obvious answer to this question. Phones with Android are better than phones with iOS because they are customizable, open-source, and physically more capable, and more people should have these types of phones. Firstly, Android has more customizability options than…show more content…
When a software is open-source, it means that its code is available to the public for anyone to redistribute and modify. This may seem bad at first, but developers from around the world have the ability to fix errors made by the official developers, to discuss changes and issues with other fellow developers, and create useful Android apps. iOS, as opposed to Android, is closed-source, which means nobody but Apple can view the source or modify the code. Open-source can also have much better quality than competing proprietary software, like iOS. Because open-source projects like Android are visible to anyone to evaluate and give credibility to, the developers do a better job maintaining the quality of the product. Developers, however, will have no idea how iOS works and will not maintain the highest quality. Android’s operating system is open-source, which allows software developers willing to chime in to be able to fix and refine…show more content…
To prove this point, Samsung’s newest Android device, the Galaxy S8+, has more RAM and a powerful octa-core processor versus Apple’s newest device, the iPhone X. Having a strong CPU and plenty of RAM is essential for multitasking and boosting productivity. It also prevents slowdowns and hangs while working. Furthermore, Android phones can last long and are more durable. Accidents do happen, like dropping the phone from a high place, and dropping such phones won’t do as much damage. Something might break, but at least the phone will still be usable, unlike the iPhone X, which barely survives a ten-foot drop. The plethora of sensors and additions on Android phones make for not only an electronically capable phone, but a physically capable

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