Str 581 Innovation Strategy

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Innovation Strategy Jose University of Phoenix Strategic Planning & Implementation, STR/581 July 22, 2015 Instructor: Dr. Magda Oquendo-Santiago Innovation Strategy The rules of innovation are charging. Apple Inc. somehow knew this year’s before the rest of the world. Apple Inc. has successfully embedded innovation in its DNA. Apple reported in their financial statements that about $75 million was spent in the development of the iPhone. Apple spent money developing a new innovative product that disrupted and changed the electronics market place. The world remains patient while waiting for Apple’s next big innovation. Organization’s Innovation Strategy There are five factors a company…show more content…
This also alludes to Apple products being utilized with or within other company procedures other than as a stand-alone product. Although this may mean that currently there is a slowdown in producing new products it is definitely a progressive step that many companies are taking, such as Goggle and Samsung. Cook’s approach to distribute the innovation efforts across the company and in multiple ways seems to be working. Under this leadership innovation will take enormous confidence and resources but the outcome will position Apple ahead of the pack – again. The success of this strategy will position Apple to overtake Samsung in many of their…show more content…
It was the first entirely new product for Apple in 5 years and the first product created after Steve Job death. The Apple Watch project began on 2011. It is Apple’s first smartwatch and it was an evolution of the iPod Nano that straps in the wrist. Even when the tendencies are the growth of the smartphone sizes, Apple believed that the market needed something smaller and personal than a phone. It was unveiled on September 2014 and I was released for sale on April 2015. The Apple Watch is designed to work in combination with the iPhone. As any watch, it gives the date and time, but it does a lot more. It makes and receives calls. It is possible to send quick text messages, view emails and receive calendar alerts. It plays music, tracks your steps while walking and has a heart rate monitor. It also has a GPS and an accelerometer that measures the body movement and calculates the burned calories. It has a battery that last up to 18

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