5 Forces of Apple Inc.

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Christopher Collins Business Information Systems Five Forces Analysis: Apple Computers 1. Threat of New Entrants The threat of any new entrants is very, VERY, low in Apple’s computer industry. Most computers today run on Windows and Apple’s Mac OSX systems. A new entrant would have to develop a competitive software that is more technologically advanced than Apple’s ever-changing software upgrades. It would require a massive amount of funds to be able to afford this. Another reason why this threat is very low is because of all the legal patents that Apple and other computer software companies have on their products. In Apple’s music industry however the threat is higher. Other companies can easily create an iTunes-like program that may be even more user friendly and much faster to use. 2. Threat of Substitutes Two main competitors that produce like substitutes that have an effect with Apple is Microsoft’s computers and tablets, and Samsung’s Android. Many consumers are purchasing Microsoft tablets and Androids because they are cheaper than Apple products, however they may not work as well as an Apple. In order for Apple to stay competitive in the mp3 and tablet markets, they will need to keep their prices competitive which lowers their profit. 3. Threat of Rivalry Personal Computers and the music/audio market are Apple’s two main areas of competition. Their leading competitors are Dell, HP, and Microsoft. Personal computers are quite popular today and with so many choices, the sales price of the computers need to be lowered to a competitive price which can, again, lead to a loss in profit. However Apple has, because of their easy to use and widely available, fair priced iPod(s), cornered the music market. There is no real threat of rivalry because they put so much of their money into their R&D department to stay ahead of

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