Rhetorical Analysis Of Iphone 5

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“iPhone 5. The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone” (Apple). This is Apple’s slogan for its newest innovation. They were not kidding when they said, “It’s almost here,” (Apple) and ‘it’ could not have hit the nation with anything less than a storm. It seemed like a lot of hype for what in all reality was yet another smartphone for more money with added tricks and sparkle. The author of Meet the new iPhone. Same as the old iPhone was trying to convey that to his audience. Michael S. Rosenwald had a clear argument that is the iPhone 5 is not as ingenious as Apple wants America to believe. His purpose was to relay this information to the public so that they would not be so blind and naïve of Apple’s debauchery. Rosenwald utilizes the appeals of rhetoric and the medium and presentation of his text to successfully inform his audience of the over-embellished promotion of the iPhone 5.…show more content…
Each piece of fact through his use of logos developed the audience’s mindset from bliss to rational. To start his argument about the iPhone 5, first Rosenwald had to recall the measurement of previous upgrades. The iPhone 3G and the iPhone 4 were huge leaps in the technological timeline of Apple products. Rosenwald noted the “most notable addition a thin, gorgeous retina display” (Rosenwald). He then continued to say that the distinction between the next upgrade between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, “Not much” (Rosenwald). Stripping away Rosenwald’s witty phrases and declarations, he still supported his argument with straight facts and data. The audience cannot deny the validity behind his evidence of the iPhone. His use of logos continued to become the foundation to his credibility as a reliable

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