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Running head: Wireless Technology Wireless Technology Bis/220 February 11, 2014 Abstract In this paper we will discuss how wireless technology and the advancement of that technology will improve business functions. More specifically, how it can streamline our business and make all members of an organization more efficient, to better accomplish the goals of a company. We will also discuss what technologies are available and how we can effectively implement those into our business. Wireless Technology With the rise in technology in the recent years, technology has become in any successful business. Businesses nowadays need technology that will help make them successful and reliable for its clients. Wireless technology is becoming the number one choice for individuals to conduct their business. What is wireless technology? Wireless technology today is being able to do things away from the desk wall in his or her own hands off their smart phones. With this technology, it helps boost company morale and productivity. Two wireless products that could…show more content…
The organization should consider using iPhones because it is the most dominant smart phone in the market being used, and it is also has many features that other smart phones may not have, such has excellent and strong reception which will come in handy when using the phone for presentations for the next big client. The NETGEAR – ProSafe Wireless-N Access Point Router system will make sure departments are getting good use of the iPhone. While in the office employees can, safely and securely uploads and downloads client information. If employees travel a lot the iPhone will be a great source because he or she can “manage trips, itineraries, confirmation numbers,

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