Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Iphone 5

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Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple IPhone 5 Everyone wants to have the newest phones out there. Samsung is being the top phone out there with Apple close at its tail. They are coming out with newer designs and new software to improve their phones quality. They are making their phone sleeker and with more style for the persons hand. Having a nice phone that fits perfect in your hand for easy use is a big win for most customers. Nobody wants to have a blocky and bulky phone in their pocket. In this essay, I will compare and contrast IPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy s4 as it relates to ranking in sales, operating system, and memory capacity. First, the ranking in sales Samsung galaxy s4 out sold Apple’s IPhone 5. After the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 out sold millions at three of the four major U.S. carriers in May. Many sales are advertised by the quality and performance. There companies are climbing their way up the ladder to be no.1 in the cell phone industry. With Samsung Galaxy S4 coming out everyone was buzzing with the news of the newest tech out there from Samsung. IPhone 5 had a big hit when it came out in 2012. However the IPhone 5’s big hit didn’t last too long because 10 months later Samsung introduced a new member to their family the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung is soon to come out with new software and new galaxy soon while Apple waits. Everyone wants to see what Samsung will be coming up next after the Samsung Galaxy S4. Second, the operating system in IPhone 5 IOS is superior to Samsung Galaxy s4 Jellybean. Apple’s IPhone 5 is always coming out with new software finding new ways to improve it. The Apple’s IPhone 5 IOS 7 is the latest software was created to be similar and more useful. On the other hand Samsung galaxy S4 operating system the jellybean is built for performance. Apple’s IPhone 5 IOS7 provides a sleek interface without having to jail break to

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