Cell Phones – Helpful Or Deadly?

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Cell Phones – Helpful or Deadly? Fifteen years ago cell phones were first emerging on a global market. Since that time cell phone usage has exploded to over a billion users. While there are many great advantages to cell phone technology, no one could have predicted that there could also be several major disadvantages. Although cell phones connect people and can help in times of emergencies, they also have huge disadvantages. Cell phone usage can lead to fatal car accidents. People use their cell phones every day without thinking of these consequences; but statistics show and the evidence behind these stories makes many people wonder how much of an advantage cell phones really are. While cell phones are relatively new devices to many people, the cell phone was actually created when mobile phone were put into cars. Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first cell phone in 1973; they became available to the public in 1984. The DynaTac 8000X, the first cell phone, sold for $3,995 and weighed two pounds. In 1991 the Motorola MicroTac Lite was released for $1,000 (thinkquest.com). Since that time the price has come down dramatically but the dangers have grown exponentially. Cell phones also have many excellent advantages. For example, there are many instances when having a cell phone can actually save a life. Cell phones can make communication faster and easier than ever before. Cell phones can also be used to transmit important information such as amber alerts and emergency information. “Statistics show the first three hours after a child's abduction are most critical to recovery efforts. Recognizing that wireless technology can help galvanize communities to assist law enforcement in the search for and return of the child” (wirelessamberalerts.com). There have been several cases of missing teenagers or other adults who were able to use their cell phones
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