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Cell Phone Industry I. Introduction a. Will the cell phone industry succeed in the future? i. Statistics showing size and growth of the current industry ii. Success and struggles of current industry iii. Thesis statement- The cell phone industry’s future will consist of a few major companies and a few smaller companies all trying to find their place in the market to compete with each other both foreign and domestic by making many technological advances to help make cell phone usage safer and cheaper. II. Current Industry a. Mergers i. AT&T/Cingular attempts to maximize profit ii. Sprint/Nextel attempt to save struggling business iii. Verizon/Vodafone in an attempt to further maximize growth b. New Technology i. Apple and it’s iPhone revolutionizing industry ii. AT&T and Verizon’s devices to compete with iPhone iii. Why AT&T and Verizon devices won’t compete with iPhone c. Struggling Companies i. Motorola struggles because of poor advances in technology and is getting pressured to sell ii. Three choices Sprint/Nextel and Motorola have to be successful again iii. Changes Sprint/Nextel are making for prior poor management decisions iv. Sprint/Nextel drop opportunity to be more successful d. Successful Companies i. AT&T / Cingular is the largest wireless carrier in the U.S. and will further succeed because of the iPhone’s popularity ii. Nokia expects its devices market to grow further leading to further profits iii. Verizon and T-Mobile succeed because of Sprint/Nextel’s struggles iv. T-Mobile will continue to be successful because of work with Apple over seas III. Future Industry a. Apple’s iPhone success i. Lack of competition will continue success of iPhone despite high prices b. iPhone will remain successful despite recession c. Positive Impact i. AT&T/Cingular release

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