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Cell Phones Everybody just has to keep in touch with everybody these days. It’s like you can’t go 5 minutes without talking to your friends, parents, siblings, significant others, etc., and what’s the easiest way to do that? Cell phones! Cell phones are the top selling item in the world. In this day and time you need a cell phone to survive. It’s the top way of communication besides cyber chatting, and guess what… you can do that on a cell phone as well. Cell phones now are meant for everybody. From the 80 year olds with arthritis who can’t move their fingers to use it to the little 2 year old babies who can’t talk to communicate on it. Like the advertising commercial with the little baby who can’t really talk, but he can advertise a cell phone commercial. People who have no understanding what so ever can understand how to use a cell phone.…show more content…
The top cell phone in the world is the apple iphone. The iphone started out as a first generation touch screen phone that came out in the late parts of 2007. Since then there have been 3 new generations of iphones to hit the market and right now they are working on the 4th. Since the first iphone came out there have been new net workings or data plans to come out with them. It started out as a regular 2G phone, and now its move on to 3G, 3GS, and now 4G if your in the right locations. Seeing as how the iphone has been on top for so long then that can only mean the cell phone company the iphone is with is on top with it. That would be at&t which started off a long time ago as cingular wireless. Apple and at&t made a long term deal before the iphone was put on to the market. Now that apple has become one of the top notch sellers of the world they are starting to spread their business horizons. They’ve constructed a new deal with Verizon

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