Which Technological Change Has Had The Largest

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Running head: WHICH TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE HAS HAD THE LARGEST Which technological change has had the largest effect on life in this country? Why? Terry University of Phoenix I perceive that the largest change has come from cell phones. There was a time when cell phones first broke into the market in 1982 that people never believed they would be where society is today. According to cells online.com (n.d.), “Consumer demand quickly outstripped the cellular phone system's 1982 standards, by 1987, cellular phone subscribers exceeded one million, and the airways were crowded.” In 1982 cell phones were mostly owned by wealthy individuals or upper echelon business owners. They were considered a status symbol and since the power needed for them was demanding, they mostly were installed in cars they were not the cell phones of 2008. Over the last 25 years as mobile phones progressed they started to fall in pricing and size, original phones were large and expensive and out of the reach of most consumers. According to PCWorld a study suggested Shah (2007), “Cell phone ownership showed a dramatic increase globally, Wike said. In 2007, 81 percent of the U.S. population owned a cell phone, a 20 percent increase compared to 2002.” In a current figures according to MSNBC Sullivan (2008), “The cell phone industry, ... has some 137 million paying customers in the United States…” The growth for phone ownership is off the charts and along with the enormous sales of the units, technology has kept pace. Cell phones of 2008 have gadgets integrated to make them more desirable and can be as powerful as a laptops with some accessories. Cell phones include a variety of useable devices ranging from cameras, GPS, text messaging, mp3 players and access to the internet. With all this built into a device that will fit into the palm, According to Compu-KISS (2008),

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