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GLT Task1 WGU GLT Task1 Information technology is a driving force in globalization and changing many aspects of how people live. India is a rapidly growing country and in 2011 59% of Indian households are reported to have a cell phone. (Kurtz, 2012) Before cell phones in India, only the privileged had access to landlines, and even then they had to wait years to obtain. More people have cell phones then toilets in India. (Kurtz, 2012) The introduction of cell phones created job opportunities for workers that were previously unemployed. Transmission towers needed to be built and maintained. Store owners began selling prepaid phones. The reserved culture of females in India was altered when cell phones allowed young females to elude…show more content…
They welcomed fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, while they protected their autonomy by protecting core economic sectors and promoting revival of cultural practices and values. The tendency was to absorb western influences and turn them into local institutions. (Watson, 1997) McDonald’s introduction to China was a planned act that was supported by the 14th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The meeting was a democratic and unified meeting about China’s reform and the opening up and modernization. (China today, n.d.) In the 1990s joint ventures were utilized with partners that held government connections. The partnerships with government connections allowed McDonald’s to leverage intangible and tangible resources in China and set up shop. (Watson,…show more content…
Researchers found that approximately 1.7 million children suffer from diabetes and 12 percent of Chinese children are overweight. (China today, n.d.) It used to be a rarity to see an overweight person in streets of China, now it is commonplace. Western fast food is high in salt and calories and having a negative impact on the lives of Chinese people. The overall economic growth of China has led to bicycles being replaced with automobiles. McDonald’s has over 26 drive-thrus in China. People are driving their cars instead of biking to eat their McDonald’s and the combination has led to a rise in obesity and chronic disease. (Griffith, 2008) The introduction of western fast food to China has been a negative influence on their health. The resulting obesity and chronic health concerns were not intentional and I feel can be corrected with education. “Eat Smart at School” was launched in schools in China to promote lifestyle changes and healthy eating practices. (China today, n.d.) The emphasis needs to be on physical education as well. Currently parents focus on high academic standards to achieve a good career. Yet a good career may not matter if you suffer a heart attack and die due to heart disease from poor

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