Immigration Problem In California

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here was a time when America needed immigrants to work in its factories, to help build its infrastructure of roads, bridges and tunnels, to go West to farm its plains, and all the other tasks necessary to nation-building. That era is over. Now immigration, especially illegal immigration from Mexico, Central and South America, is the source of major economic and social problems. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has just declared the Mexican government's "Matricula Consular" card, issued to Mexicans living in the US, to be an unreliable form of identification, posing a criminal and terrorist threat. No where is this more evident in California. It is being destroyed by US immigration policies. A June 2000 report by Californians for Population…show more content…
For all of the above reasons, California's present and predicted future size is a wakeup call for the State and the nation." To understand California's immigration problem, during the same decade, all of the northeastern States from Maine to Virginia, combined, gained less than four million people, i.e., native-born along with both legal and illegal immigrants. However, it's worth noting that, during the same decade, the population of illegal immigrants in New Jersey doubled. I was recently in Los Angeles and even a brief visit demonstrated the problems this massive influx of immigrants is creating. Highway congestion in that metropolitan area is a nightmare. California's answer, however, is to build more highways. The CAPS report estimates that more than three million new vehicles were added to roadways in the passed decade. Statewide, there is an increasing water crisis. It is locked into disputes with other States and even Canada to secure sufficient water for its exploding…show more content…
"The State's university system, once the envy of the nation, has fallen in quality combined with increased demands for admission by an ever-growing number of applicants," says the CAPS report. In the schools, from kindergarten through twelfth grade, enrollments rose from 4.8 million in 1990-91 to almost 6 million ten years later. By 2000, "there were more Hispanics than other children enrolled in the State's schools." California is currently spending $6,837 per student, "so more than $16 billion was spent last year on students whose native language was other than English." California has been so mismanaged by its governors and legislature that it is billions in debt. This most politically correct, politically liberal State continues to struggle to provide affordable electricity and, as noted, is desperately trying to provide water. The CAPS report does not address the issue of crime, integral to the increase in immigration, but it too must be considered. Soon enough it will begin to export its immigration problems to contiguous

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