Informative Essay: Mark Cuban's Snobbery

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Young 1 Edward Young Mrs. Philbrick English IV 9 April 2015 Mark Cuban is notorious for his snobbery and unfiltered comments; similarly Mark Zuckerberg was known as the unfiltered genius with no heart. Although unpopular attitudes are present between the two, both are notably admirable for their desire to improve and innovate the world. Both men were able to revolutionize the tech world and influence a surplus of business startups. Both have also contributed to America’s economic growth and have several branches of philanthropy and donations to charity. Mark Cuban wasn’t the stereotypical Harvard graduate who showed rays of brilliance from the beginning. Cuban spent his freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh to only transfer to Indiana University the next (“Mark Cuban”). Cuban was paying for his own tuition, so having a job…show more content…
In 2000 Cuban introduced himself to the NBA community when he purchased the Dallas Mavericks for $285 million (“Mark Cuban”). Facebook cofounder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has led his social network to new heights, even as some younger users have grown tired of it. Revenue grew 58% in 2014 to $12.5 billion, supported by a jump in mobile ads (Williams 12). Some 1.4 billion people around the globe are on Facebook, and those users are watching 3 billion videos a day on the site. Its Instagram unit has more than 300 million users, while mobile messaging app WhatsApp, which it purchased for $19 billion in cash and stock in 2014, has 700 million users and is growing. (“Forbes Mag.”) Zuckerberg made two major life changes in May 2012. Facebook had its initial public offering, which raised $16 billion, making it the biggest internet IPO in history. How Zuckerberg's company will handle this influx of cash remains to be seen (Williams 56). But Zuckerberg may be looking at more acquisitions. He personally negotiated the company deal to buy Instagram the previous

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