To What Extent Should State Collage Be Free To Attend?

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Should state collages be free to attend? Introduction I chose this topic, because I know that my audience will be interested in it and I think that all of them have their own opinion about this matter, so hopefully, by the end of my presentation everybody will agree with me. Importance of collage Years ago it was very special to go to college. There was plenty jobs that didn’t require college education, and only selective, usually extremely intelligent young people were deciding to attend. Of course, it was always also very expensive, so very few could afford to go. Times has changed. The prices of colleges remained high, but the importance of college education is different. Nowadays it is almost a requirement. There are still companies that promote only within, but even those positions usually require if not at least a two year degree, then proof of college enrollment. When looking for a new job, as an “outsider”, four…show more content…
Public Universities are free and private ones have tuition. It is harder to get into public college then private. Somepublic schools look at your GPA from high school, to some there is placement tests, which decide who gets in. At some public schools day classes are free, but if you decide to take night or weekend classes, then you have to pay. Night and weekend classes are ment for working students, while day classes are ment for students who don’t work. For private schools you pay tuition whether you take day or night classes. There is no junior college, so students decide in high school what they want to do in the future. If one decides to become a dentist, he goes to dental school right out of high school. Unlike here, he doesn’t have to take basic classes as composition. Those classes everybody takes in high school and they don’t have to retake it in college and pay for it. The whole education system is different. I don’t think it’s better or worse, just

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