Should Texting While Driving Be Illegal

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Should Texting While Driving Be Illegal? “Should texting while driving be illegal?” This is a question that causes many controversial controversies in the recent years. According to Ian Mulgrew, a Canadian journalist, many car crashes are blamed on distracted driving, and most of the distractions are caused by texting while driving. Nowadays, a lot of many people have such very busy lives, so they don’t and do not have time to complete everything within a day. As a result, Then, they work it out many choose to get things done on the road instead. Nowadays, sSmartphones are nowadays an essential part of people lives everyone’s life because it has they have application or Wi-Fi which make the people lives easily to access on the phone the technical…show more content…
According to a research of the American college of Preventive Medicine, there are three types of distractions fall into three categories: which are : visual, manual, and cognitive distractions. For example, Looking at the GPS while driving is a visual distraction that requires people to take their eyes off the road. Eating while driving is a manual distraction that requires people to take one of their hands off the wheel. Talking to passengers is a cognitive distraction that requires people to take one part of their mind off road. However, texting while driving involves all these distractions such as visual, manual, and cognitive at the same time. Some studies also reveal found that people drivers who are texting while driving are usually looking at the road 400 times less fewer than those compared to the people who do are not engaging in this activity not. According to the Naturalistic study in 2009 by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, this study equates concludes that texting while driving in for the duration of 5 seconds at the speed of 55 miles per hour mph is similar to driving blind driving with closed eyes in a distance t that that is equivalent to the length of a football field. In summary, Texting while driving is a distraction an action that gets too much of keeps much of people’s drivers’ attentions off the…show more content…
Most people drivers cannot stop the urge of picking their phones to send or respond to messages to one another others while driving. It has becoming a habit Unfortunately, having access to our phones at all time has become a habit that can lead to distracted driving to the people to have the phone on the hands in any situations. After hearing their phones ring or vibrate, Hearing the phone’s vibration or ringing tone, they drivers often immediately pick- up their phone to response respond to others without thinking that driving needs the most of their full attentions. When they drivers look at their phones, their focus is off the road where on which they are driving. Copeland said, “The lives of innocent people are being taken every day due to a simple distraction”. According to the National Safety Council, there are 1600000 car accidents per year and, 11 teen’s death per day every day are caused by drivers distracted by texting while driving, and . This number adds up to nearly 25% of all car accidents. Also, according to some studies, in 2011, at least 23% of auto collisions in 2011 involved cell phones, which is adds up to almost 1.3 million car accidents. Car accidents are four times more likely to result from take place from drivers being distracted by texting than other causes. According to Mulgrew,

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