Influences on Operations Management

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Influences on operations management have multiple effects on businesses. An understanding of external influences can help a business be able to manage and respond to them efficiently by implementing various strategies which can make a business successful. Influences on operations management include Globalisation, quality expectations, cost-based competition, technology, government policies, legal regulations and environmental sustainability. Globalisation refers to the removal of trade barriers between nations, and is defined as the integration and interdependence of national economies forming a global economy. Apple recognised early advantages of globalisation and implemented various strategies to expand internationally which results in wide range of their stores all over the world now. Globalisation has allowed Apple to globally source materials and achieve cost advantages. By Apple knowing the influence of globalisation they have been able to respond good. Quality expectations are another influence that impacts on a business. Quality refers to how well designed and made a product is and the expectations that people have of a business will influence the way that the products are designed and created for customers. Apple is known as a top technology manufacturing company due to majority of people having mobile phones being iPhones. Apple customers have high standards for quality expectations for new products. Because of the advances in technology, Apple needs to upgrade and adjust current models of their products to satisfy the needs of customers’ expectations. Every year or so Apple will bring out new models of their iPhone, iPods and laptops that live up to the hype of the customers’ expectations. Technology plays an important role in the applications of operations management of a business. Technology may bring productivity and efficiency to a business. Apple
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