M1 Unit 9

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M1 - Explain how promotion is integrated with the rest of the marketing mix in a selected organisation to achieve its marketing aims/objectives. Businesses may have several marketing aim and objectives which are met through the integration of marketing techniques e.g. promotion and the marketing mix. Companies like M&S operate on a global basis therefore their aims and objectives may differ for regions, however the main aim for each company would be to inform the market, increase demand and differentiate the product/service. Marketing objectives of Marks and Spencer is to ensure consumers are better informed about the products/services they provide. Evidently, M&S provide financial services in addition with products from home and clothing. Therefore, depending of the marketing strategy whether it is regional, national or international promotional activity will differentiate accordingly. Promoting a product as mentioned before allows the business to inform the market, increase demand and differentiate the product. For M&S to use integrated marketing they can boost the performance of sales of a particular product during specific times. For example, during specific seasons the demand of products may be slow, therefore M&S may want to review the product life cycle for the particular product and ensure specific promotional activity can be conducted to boost sales. M&S can use different types of promotional tools like sales displays and point of sales in order to inform the existence of the product to the market. For example, if M&S are trying to boost the sales of their children range, promotional activity like advertising or point of sales would be targeted where the market is predominately children to boost their interest. Marks and Spencer also operate on a global basis and one of their aims and objectives is to expand and increase

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