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Current Business Research Project Paper RES/341 June 26, 2012 Dr. John Olmstead Current Business Research Project Paper In the past, business only stayed within one’s country. Because of the advancement in technologies, there are an increase number of businesses, which sell and buy products and service from oversea companies. This paper will define the purpose of the research read in “Qualitative Methods in International Sales Research: Cross-Cultural Considerations”. It will also investigate the business problem, identify the data collection method, and conclude the results of the research. Define Research Purpose The international sales research is important to the marketing and sales team that works in companies that sell products and services to overseas countries. Due to the cross cultural difference, the research interprets market behavior and helps strategize sales and marketing tactics for the company (Craig, 1999). The research also investigates cultural variation to help the company obtain a larger advantage to sell their product and service to the oversea companies. The Business Problem…show more content…
It also has numerous of problem that one needs to understand. Analyzing and interpretation of the interviews are subjective and can be biased (Javalgi, Granot, & Brashear, 2011). Thus it is crucial that the facilitator is experienced and understands the culture’s verbal as well as nonverbal communication. Assumption about the interviews can lead to errors in the research. However, understanding the culture and values of foreign consumers can help boost the sales of the product and service because the sales teams can market and target their consumers. The international sales research can help the sales team to understand the consumer’s needs and market their product which makes consumers want to buy the

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