Unit 9 M1

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Unit9 M1 Manpreet Sohanpal McDonalds What are the organisations aims and objectives “The intention is to increase the pace of acquisitions with a target of 30 new restaurant openings per year from 2011, which will create up to 1800 new job opportunities annually.” Source: http://www.mcdonalds.co.uk/ukhome/Aboutus/Development.html What are the marketing and promotional objectives At McDonald’s the marketing team makes sure that their goals are clear and achievable. Setting marketing objectives help the department to see what marketers want to achieve annually. They set guide marketing actions enables the team to measure how well their plan is working, this relates to market share , sales, reaching their target audience and creating awareness in the market place. McDonald’s marketing team ensure that long term objectives are broken down; this benefits the business as they are able to reach their goals more quickly and also measure their progress. When analysing the performance of the business they are able to make changes this gives the business more flexibility. Once the marking department have set their goals the next step for the team is to see how they will achieve it. The marketing strategy that business uses it that they will state how objectives will be delivered, this means that the marketing actions and resources needed will be explained to the team. They will also explain the roles of every individuals and how they will work as a team. The promotion team uses the 4P’s, . Product The important thing to remember when offering menu items to customers is that they have a choice. They have a huge number of ways of spending their money and places to spend it. Therefore, McDonald's places considerable emphasis on developing a menu which customers want. Market research establishes exactly what this is. However, customers' requirements change

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