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HCMR: Conduct Market Research Assessment Task 1: Research brief and proposal Class: SCB01 Candidate’s Name | Nguyen Huy Truong Thanh | Student No. | ADD2037 | Candidate’s Name | Nguyen Huy Thai Anh | Student No. | ADD2044 | Assessor’s Name | Rajan | Phone No. | | Assessment Site | Sydney | Assessment Date/s | 04/04/2012 | Time/s | | Stage A: 1. A brief history and description about IPhone 4s and its provider: * IPhone 4s – The latest smart phone released by Apple, is an amazing phone with many unique features such as retina screen, impressive 8.0 MP camera or the promising digital phone assistant Siri. And so, in the first opening week, Apple had sole four million units and after a few months,…show more content…
* Our Goal: * Siri is now still in beta version so our most concern is to develop its response to the user voice commands and make it becomes an official version. * Successful in designing a new shape for the next version of iPhone. 3. * IPhone 4S has come to the market at 14th October and it has a lot of new improvement compared with the previous model, iPhone 4. Such as: A5 dual-core chip which is twice faster than the old one, 8.0 megapixel camera that can record a 1080p HD video and take incredible high quality photos for a mobile phone, iOS 5 with over 200 new features, ICloud which will sync data automatically through Wi-Fi to your other iOS devices or Mac and finally, the phone digital assistant - Siri. * With a simple but truly beautiful design, the ‘easy to use’ i-Operating System (iOS), the high quality of products and professional marketing skills, Apple succeed in making iPhone 4S to become one of the most popular smartphone all over the world. * By releasing new iPhone 4S, apple has introduced a lot of new features and differentiations from other competitors in the marketplace such…show more content…
* Apple has the biggest online apps store for iPhones, iPods touch, iPad and Mac with over 585,000 apps for users. * The stage of iPhone 4S ’ s ‘product life cycle’ is growth. Because It has just came out to the market for only 6 months and with a lot of new software and features it might affect some applications that do not fit with the new changes. So Apple needs to update the firmware and improve the quality of performance for the phone, example: apple just release the update iOS 5.1 to increase the battery life and improved Siri by provide a new language for voice recognized: Japanese bring up to 6 different kinds of voice recognized languages: English, British English, Australian English, French, and German. * Our organization’s overall marketing strategy is in order to satisfy consumer and increase the market volume, we need to give them better quality and performance of products with lower price. A fundamentally product must create better feeling than the old version of itself. We also open new branch in some other parts of the world, which has high demanding quantities of product like Vietnam, Thailand and

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