At&T Swot Analysis

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AT&T and the Cellular Communications Industry SWOT Analysis Strategic Management AT&T and the Cellular Communications Industry SWOT Analysis Every company has many strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the industry they are functioning in. In an industry such as cellular communications, which has so much competition, a company in this industry needs to know all of these parts of its business. AT&T has been a leader in the industry and has many areas in which it can evolve, improve and prepare for. This paper will elaborate on AT&T’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. AT&T has strengths that help to keep them as one of the top two providers in the cellular communications industry. They are currently the United States’ largest providers of broadband service. They have established an extremely capable wireless network with International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 cellular coverage, better known as 3G. They have established a large consumer base from their popular brand name from years of reliable services even outside the cellular communications industry. They have for years owned the exclusive rights to the Apple iPhone which has become one of the most demanded and popular consumer electronic devices in years (“Next Generation Integrated Communications Products”, n.d.). AT&T also has some weakness within the cellular communications industry. They have experienced complaints from consumers about problems with their wireless service and its reliability. They have had problems accommodating to demand that the popularity of the iPhone and its multiple versions have brought them (such as the newest iPhone 4), which has also affected their service because of the sheer amount of data usage on their network (Media Kit: iPhone 4. 2010). Their pricing models for service plans are higher than many of

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