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IS THE IPAD A DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY? Evaluate the impact of the iPad using Porter’s competitive forces model. According to the Porter model, 5 forces to determinana there are the consequences of long-term profitability. These are: Threat of entry of new competitors: with this, explains that the iPad competitors fear the impact that its new product may cause with respect to the others that existed with the same characteristics. Rivalry between competitors: with this new entry, there will be much rivalry between other brands, as we read in the article that occurs with Amazon. Power of negotiation between vendors: by this, is torn between the product's price and cost for providers of iPad, so there has been conflict. Buyers bargaining power: you want to put a price according to the quality of the iPad, but good in comparison with other similar products, to increase sales on consumers and dominate in the market for e-books. Threat of substitute products income: for they arise cannot substitute for iPad, need to change attitudes that these had, keeping the good quality and that this is consistent with the established price. What makes the iPad a disruptive technology? Who are likely to be the winners and losers if the iPad becomes a hit? Why? The iPad is a disruptive technology, from my point of view, by the brand that has made it, Apple. This brand since its success is known around the world for the high quality of all its products and high prices that conform to the latter, since it has managed to replace products of the same line and everyone is awaiting new products to buy. If iPad becomes success, winners will obviously be the creators, since your benefits will increase considerably. The losers are many, starting with the industry of the newspaper, which would lower sales and ending with other brands that sell tablets. Describe the
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