Apple Rhetorical Analysis

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In this article I found it interesting how the author makes an effort to do something society seems to have a love affair with which is find reasons within a person or company to try to tear it down after that person or company has made so much progress for the improvement of people's lives or society's expectations. The author Zach Epstein points to comments made by a former Apple engineering manager Dan Crown, on how he feels that the best days of Apple are behind them due to; 1. Conflicts with the maps application 2. A change is executives in the retail store and senior VP of the iOS software 3. The ongoing conflict with Google & other competitors. I'm sure everyone has a job to do and headlines attract readers sensationalize…show more content…
So the question I ask myself when I see these situations is what do we gain as a people by pursing these endeavors of being head of the pack or wanting to step out to be that person to follow, if the overall goal of what we have accomplished isn't being accounted for when what you worked for is being torn down? Trying to understand Zach Epstein's perspective on this article reinforces the conclusion of seeking sound bites and incomplete information to start a conversation only for the sake of saying something. Apple is coming from record high revenues from its recent phone launch, and will set another record quarterly income report in December. So to say Apple best days are behind them when he is stating facts that they are clearly having better days than their previous ones further alludes to his role in society of tearing down our Hero's work before the vision is
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