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Running Head: BUSINESS ANALYSIS PART I Business Analysis Part I MGT/521 December 12, 2011 Business Analysis Part I This SWOT analysis was conducted for a clear understanding of the company before making an investment decision. The Fortune 500 Company chosen is Apple. Through the vehicle of SWOT analysis research will be conducted on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the firm. The necessary information required is researched to make the best decision for the fund and most important, the investors. Through this research, the company’s internal and external stakeholders are determined and the wants and needs of these stakeholders are discussed and whether these wants and needs are met by Apple. If the stakeholders’ needs are not being met, there will be an explanation and suggestion of what Apple could implement to meet the stakeholders’ wants and needs.…show more content…
Apple SWOT Analysis Chart Internal | External | Strengths (Positives): * Product Development * Design and utility * Marketing * Brand name * Robust financial performance | Opportunities (Positives) * Loyal Customer Base * Strong growth in smart phone market * Reputation of high quality products * Apple TV * Strong growth in tablets market * Untapped areas of technology world | Weaknesses (Negatives): * Patent Infringement Lawsuit * Dependency on global community * Very Proprietary and controlling * Death of Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs could affect new technology invention and growth | Threats (Negatives): * The rise in popularity of Google Android * Intense competition may affect revenue and profitability * Dependency of specific suppliers may affect its operations * Highly priced products

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