Apple Product Development

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Apple takes on a more product orientation approach as opposed to market orientation. This is because of their highly sophisticated, innovative products that have received such good responses over the past few years. Apple tries to create new innovative products by utilizing the strengths of their production teams. Apple knows what the customer wants before they do and they continue to produce products that sell themselves. Apple is not only product oriented. They do take on a market orientation approach as well as they also spend time figuring out what the customer wants through market research. The marketing concept used by the Apple Company divided into 3 categories which are customer oriented, organization objectives and coordinated market activities. In Apple Company, they have applied marketing concept into their business. As we set to know, the marketing concept means determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than competitors do. • The Apple Company modifies offering by creating varieties in their products. They also try to attract customers by advertising through media which is appealing to the customers. Moreover, they create convenience to the customer by providing good delivery service. All this steps taken by Apple company it said to be process of reaching customer orientation concept. In reaching the organizations object concept, the Apple Company try to increase the profitable sales volume by setting a target for employees to reach. Besides, they also attempt to move closer to their ultimate goal by improving their qualities of their products. • The Apple Company also applied societal concept to the business. Societal concept focus on consumer needs wants and society’s expectation. Apple Company also has a continuing free iPod recycling program in the US retail stores
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