Apple Make-vs.-Buy Decision

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Apple Make-vs.-Buy Decision Page1 1.) Based on the information given but in your own words, explain what approaches to recruiting might be best suited for Apple’s talent acquisition. The organization Apple Inc is a very famous organization around the world and is engaged in the activities related to manufacturing of micro chips and other computer accessories for customers. The organization needs to make sure that it has best quality workforce in place which helps organization in a manner that it helps organization to make sure that it provides good quality products to organization. Organization is in the need of very good quality employees and there is a need to have proper strategies for recruiting the employees. Apple needs to ensure that it has those employees which have knowledge about manufacturing of microchips and other related activities. Based on the objective of the organization, Apple Inc, it should use the strategy in which it must make sure that it hires employees who have been laid off from other organizations such as Samsung which are engaged in doing business related to manufacturing of microchips (Gold & Bratton, 2001). In addition to above, organization Apple Inc can also make sure that it uses the strategy to acquire those organizations which have employees who are competent to manufacture micro chips. Such strategies will help organization to have quality workforce with it. 2.) Describe the recruiter traits and behaviors that would lead to the most successful recruiting campaign for Apple. In relation to current situation, Apple Inc needs to make sure that it has such kind of recruiters who have best quality traits to select best possible candidates for organization Apple Inc. Apple Inc is a huge organization

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