Mis 309 Homework Assignment 1

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MIS309 Homework-Assignment 1 1. Apple achieved business success through information-Steve Jobs had a product idea but then he realized it was the wrong path by studying what people were doing and using. He took that information and knowledge and developed something better. Information technology-by working with creative, innovated, competent people who are experienced in writing code and people who watch out for trends in new gadgets and are able to come up with competitive new technologies. People-Apple studies their consumers to find their wants, he surrounded his company with creative, innovated employees who could fulfill those customer wants, and he has built a successful brand that has customers returning to buy Apple products. 2. Apple store employees must have a passion for Apple products, they must be tech savvy and very knowledgeable of their products. Apple store employees are the front line connection to the consumer so they have to be able to listen and interpret customer likes and dislikes and be able to communicate those likes and dislikes to management. In turn, Apple executives must have a passion for Apple products, be tech savvy and knowledgeable of their products and they must have open communication with store employees and listen to their ideas. 3. Information-sharing could have the greatest negative impact. Apple encourages its employees to share ideas, whether in agreement or disagreement, in order to come up with creative ideas to gain competitive advantage. If the employees did not use information sharing and kept their thoughts to themselves, it could take a long time to come up with new ideas and get them out to the
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