Unit 3 P1 Business Analysis

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Business communication P1- Resub Apple The purpose of information: Business information needs to be relevant, up-to-date, accurate/reliable, meets the needs, clear and worth the cost. Update knowledge: One purpose of information is to update knowledge, they need to know how markets are developing so that Apple know what specific stuff to work towards. They also need to know the change in the economy as they want to know if customers have more of less to spend their disposable income to spend, this is important as Apple do not want to make too many or too little products for example when they are launching a new product they want to know the demand for it. Another purpose is to understand the effect of legislation and how it…show more content…
Also includes the balance sheets and cash flow of the business. Sales department- They record the sales of each product so that they compare sales each week, month and year to see when the most sales are made. They are also responsible for the customer details, they build up a database so that they can target them with emails of new products to generate more sales. Finally they keep details of products and services to be able to compare the sales of different products to see what the general public are buying the most e.g. compare the sales of the iPad and iPhone to see whats selling the most and how to generate more sales. Human resources- They provide information about staffing and training to proven Apple being over or under staffed which would effect sales and profits. They are also there to see who needs training, how much the training will cost and whether it will be beneficial to Apple to spend the money on training. They are responsible for the number of employees, skills available and the training needs to make sure that the business can operate at its
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