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Wal-Mart Case Study SB13BSB01/ MGT311 November 30, 2013 Wal-Mart Case Study 1. What did you notice at the Wal-Mart shareholders meeting? Do you think this is different from other shareholders’ meetings? If yes, in what ways? Wal-Mart Shareholders meeting is like a high school pep rally, several adults in a stadium, chanting, cheering, shouting, to show their support to Wal-Mart. The shareholders’ meeting was about the market and sales of the company. Shareholders gloated on wealth and size of Wal-Mart compared to other reasonably sized companies like IBM, Hewitt Packer, Dell, and Microsoft. This type of shareholders’ meeting is different from other companies because of how powerful Wal-Mart is in the business and economy world. At a typical shareholders meeting at any other company they would go over strategies, sales rates, marketing, and future outcome of the company in an organized manner. Wal-Mart has the same concept, but uses there status to empower their meetings, resulting in a pep rally. 2. How is Wal-Mart able to keep track of its inventory? Why is this important? List the effects this has on producers. Wal-Mart uses a Telxon unit that scans the merchandise and tracks the sales, trend spikes, inventory down to when it was bought and size. As items are scanned the Telxon system generates orders to the specifications of the trend and is filled by midnight to restock the shelves. Along with stocking of the shelves this system can track the price of the item and the rate of which is sold to determine the future price of the item. The system is the key to the success of Wal-Mart, stocking the shelves to meet the consumer needs at the right price. This sounds like a good system to the store, but it is hard on the producers to meet the orders required to stock the store the following day. For example, the manufactures have to speed up the product

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