P3 Explain How Focusing on the Customer, by Proving Good Customer Service

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Customer service is the process of ensuring customer satisfaction with a product or service. Often, customer service takes place while performing a transaction for the customer, such as making a sale or returning an item. These could include phone calls. For this task we had to find out and research why providing good customer service is important for a 3 chosen retailers. The different retailers that I have chosen are Apple, Primark and Amazon. Apple store: Usually before a purchase in Apple store there are lots of new technologies. These include iPhones, laptops, macs and ipads. These are their latest and brand new technologies Apple store have introduced into the market. When you go inside the store you will have a feel about the inside of the store. Usually you may recognise that the store you are in is completely new and advanced. An example of this in the store is the lighting in the Apple store. It is usually bright and white inside the store. Also, you can have a feel about the iphones and macs by trying it out. The advantages of this is that you can take pictures from the camera. The cameras are highly advanced. The disadvantages is that the apps are limited and there isn’t internet. Customer service is very good in Apple store because they always to help you get the best deals in the particular product. When you have decided on the product you have chosen, the customer service in Apple store will help you with information on the product and whether you should buy it for a long-term as this could be beneficial for the future. After this stage you have a decision to make on whether you will buy the product or you won’t buy it. Let’s say you purchased the product then they may ask you whether you want it delivered or you will take it with you. After you have purchased the particular product they may ask you for your details so you can get great offers and

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