Apple Better Than Microsoft

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Is Apple better than Microsoft? Many people have their own opinions why either are better than the other, but my opinion is Apple is better. In this paper I will show you why apple is the best tech company that has surpassed Microsoft a long time ago. Looking at all of their speeches that they have made at press conferences etc. you can tell they have that way about them. Also apple are very closed-source, meaning they don't give their software (which admittedly is more elegant and slick) to any other companies. This allows them to sell a product with their software for almost any price. Notice that there are very similar phones to the iPhone, which are cheaper, but what is stumping their sales is their software such as android. That is one reason why I believe why apple is "better" than Microsoft, also because they have a much better way of marketing things. Think about how much money you get from games. Microsoft takes a little bit of the money from each game sale yet cannot out profit apple because their marketing isn't very good. Originally Apple only has 4 types of products on the market (iPod, iPhone, iPad, apple tv, iwatch and the mac) just like Microsoft (PC, Xbox, Kinect, and phone) yet apple does better because of the reasons listed above. Microsoft though, since it has a big chunk of market share as far as operating systems is concerned, is for hackers to mess with since 70% of all hacking tools is for windows only. Windows has more vulnerabilities than Apple. I'm not saying Apple is perfect even though that statement could have been true 5 years ago but the quality of their products is much better than Microsoft. Apple is also better than Microsoft simply because of Steve Jobs. His ideas and way of thinking is unimaginable. His products are simply one of a kind. Steve Jobs really did show the difference in technology. Also, you have to

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