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SWOTT ANALYSIS Wal-Mart is one of the principal stores is the United States and other places. For now the SWOTT analysis is going to be done on Wal-Mart. The SWOTT analysis represents the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends. This test gets done in most organizations and this determines a more less how the company is doing. There is also going to be an explanation of the seven forces and trends are the economic, legal and regulatory, competitive, technological, strategies, goals and culture. There is also going to be an examination of the changes, supply of chain, issues and opportunities are other factors of the analysis for the organization. Within this test the owner of Wal-Mart is going to be able to define the positives and the negatives of the different areas that they have in the store. Forces and trends Wal-Mart has been gaining many families to shop at their store. They have a good variety of products to shop for. Wal-Mart has many competitors, but one of the strengths that the company has the ability to lower the prices for their customers need. Wal-Mart can be consider a unique store because of one special strategy that they have. The strategy consists of comparing the prices of the other stores, if the other store has an ad of a lower price than Wal-Mart, then they will give it to them to the same price. Many costumers is one of the plus that they give to Wal-Mart because this means that they don’t have to go store by store catching all the specials that they have. In the other hand, they like it because they go to one store but get the specials from all of the other stores. Wal-Mart’s economics has a very strong strength which is the one that offers the customers low prices on all the products. There is a comparison of the stores and there is an average price of about 15 to 25 percent lower. With the great size of supply chain

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