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MKT Running head: KUDLER FINE FOODS Kudler Fine Foods MKT/421 Kudler Fine Foods Kathy Kudler , the founder of Kudler Fine Foods, had a vision while working for another company as a Vice-President of the Marketing department. Kudler knew that she could bring something new to the Los Angeles area by opening a store that only specializes in “epicurean foods”. According to wordnetweb from Princeton University one of the definitions for epicure is “ a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment, especially good food and drink” (Princeton University, 2010). After developing a business plan and getting the financial aspect resolved, Kudler opened her first store in 1998. The experience that Kathy obtained in the other company, help…show more content…
The proper use of the Four P’s will give her advantage to other similar business that want to compete with her. Starting with Product, Kathy will evaluate the data she will received through the frequent program purchase. Kathy will have the valid numbers that will inform her the items that clients buy and how often. This program will show the needs of the store customers. Pricing is what really brings the bulk of customers to purchase the product. There are times that a client is interested in a particular product, but because is to high they do not purchase. Now there are other occasions that even though the price is high, the service is fantastic, so customers preferred to pay extra just for that good service. Kudler Fine Foods is that case, they offer valued services instead of discount and so far that program works for the…show more content…
For Promotions, the sales and marketing department need to work together, since a good promotion of a new or existing product will bring more revenues to Kudler Fine Foods. Sales department has to come up with a group of strategic objectives that will help target the financial goals of the company as well as sales. By doing a good marketing program towards the cooking class parties that the company holds, that will bring more customers that will purchase the same products use in the party and will look around to other options that the store gives them. Now with Place Kathy already tested the waters by opening two other stores in 2000 and in 2003, and even though is a good idea for her to keep expanding, is also important and healthy for the company that she improve the actual stores like is mentioned, that way the company is better known and eventually the same customers in other regions will request the opening of a new store in their area that they will

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